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Ori Lifestyle one-on-one consultations are now available to new, existing or previous members of the online hair course. The Consultations will take place over zoom.

Sessions: Each session lasts for an hour. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire prior to the session.

Full payment: £55

Please click the link below to book a session from the available slots. Your booking will be verified after payment is confirmed

Please note: payments for sessions are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation or no-show. Sessions can however be postponed with 24 hours notice.

Benefits of the Consultation

1. Build and/or review your hair care regimen.
2. Discuss and demonstrate your hair care techniques and products.
3. Learn the right techniques to achieve your goals.
4. Explore internal factors that may be a hinderance to your goals.
5. Discuss mindset issues around wearing your natural hair or caring for your child/children’s natural hair.

Book a Consultation Here