"We use the best of science and nature to design products that meet your hair's needs. And our courses have been curated to guide, inspire, equip and motivate anyone to cultivate  healthy hair practices.  - Titiolami Bello

Our Story

Ori Lifestyle was founded to encourage women to love and enjoy their hair. Our founder, Titi, suffered significant hair loss and damage because of her over-reliance on hair extensions, braids, and heat. Titi also noticed that her daughter was beginning to develop hair insecurities, and so she decided to study healthy hair care practices which transformed hers and her daughter’s hair. Soon after, other women began to ask her for advice and guidance, and when this became overwhelming, she began to offer hair coaching services – Ori Lifestyle was born.

Our hair care products were developed to offer her clients access to innovative products . We prioritize the use of high-quality ingredients that combine the best of science with the best of nature.

Quality, Transparency & Honesty

All our products are of the finest natural quality. We source the best, then work hard to retain the integrity of the nutrients and minerals. this is why we use dark green bottles and carefully thought through packaging to preserve the nutrients.

We also know that honesty matters to you, so you will find full ingredient list on each product. We promise no wild claims, no lies.