I promised some weeks ago that I’ll be back with hair care tips for the winter, and here I am! – I am a woman of my word, LOL.

Winter is fully on us and now is not the time to slack on your hair care. Please remember that a change in season may require you to tweak your regular hair care regimen - even your skin needs some extra TLC, but today we’re focusing on hair care tips.

Cleanse and Condition: Try a clay as an alternative shampoo in winter especially if your hair is on the drier end. Moisture retention is even more important in this harsh season and we know that many report their hair holding on to moisture for longer and feeling less stripped when they start using Clays.

What you want to do is use gentle cleansing products such as our clay every one or two weeks. You must always follow with a deep conditioner, see below.

Here are some other tips:

  1. Beware of winter clothes!

You’re going to want to protect your hair from wool scarves and hats! – They suck the moisture right out of your hair! the friction between your hair and the wool is also another downside. Go for hats that are lined with silk/satin instead! And tie your hair so that it is not rubbing on jumpers.

 2. Deep condition like your life depends on it! Because it does! – Well, the ‘life’ of your hair, but you get my point! Deep conditioning is the perfect way to keep your strands feeling soft and properly conditioned.

As I emphasized in the previous blog, this is the season for richness. A rich deep conditioner and a rich leave-in conditioner will serve you better in these colder months. – don’t forget to introduce heat using our heat cap, it really steps up your deep conditioning process.

The point to note here is that research tells us that heat allows more conditioning agents to deposit along your hair shaft, meaning that your hair feels even more fabulous and stays stronger for longer!

3.      Use richer oils to seal moisture into your hair.

So out goes thinner oils/wax like jojoba and in comes olive oil or any other heavier oil you use and enjoy. The big daddy of them all is our Khalila oil because it is rich but wouldn't weigh your hair down, and it is both a sealant and a penetrative oil. Also, in winter, be deliberate about dropping more oils on the end of your hair - as you twist or braid it up, it really helps to keep those oldest parts well-lubricated, so that the strands glide past each other with little to no friction.

4. Add strength to your hair with hot oil treatments.

Please be reminded that not all oils are suitable for hot oil treatments. The best quality oils for a hot oil treatment are cold-pressed, and the oils have to be able to actually penetrate the hair shaft! Do not use Castor Oil.

My hair loves the richness of our oils, especially the khalila oil - as it contains 3 carrier oils and two essential oils carefully balanced for maximum benefit! especially in these colder months!

Please, please and please! Leave the hot oil treatment on your hair for at least an hour! We know through science that it takes a while to penetrate! and if you can do an overnight treatment with it, even better! I promise you, if you are consistent over winter, your hair will look and feel incredible come spring!

It is important to note that hot oil treatments may not be suitable for those managing psoriasis, eczema or other scalp conditions.

See the video below on how to do a hot oil treatment.

5. Do NOT forget your protein treatments in the winter! - Protein means an extra layer of strength! so go for it!

6. Keep your hair in a low-manipulation protective style.

You already know the drill! - Low manipulation protective styling is your go-to here! Keep your hairstyles as simple and low-maintenance as possible during this season. Wearing your hair in twists, etc ensures that moisture stays in for longer. If you wear your hair out as an afro it will dry up quicker.

7.   Watch Your Alcohol: Don’t forget to stay hydrated! especially if you are drinking over Christmas. Many of you will notice drier hair come January because alcohol dehydrates you! If you hate drinking water, try hot water! I love hot water!

Next week, we will be discussing oiling the scalp and why you shouldn’t be doing it!

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