Tips for a bad hair day

Tips for a bad hair day

Thank you to everyone who voted for me to do a blog on this topic! I think I’ll use the voting option on Instagram more often. So here you go, you wake up, shower and look at your hair and instinctively know it’s not going to be your hair day!!! But you start to tease it anyway, hoping that by some miracle, it will just fall into formation! It will not. So instead of wasting your time, do any of these things:

1.      Put it in two Cornrows!

 Honestly, most of us can cornrow! Okay, some of us can cornrow. Part your hair down the middle and just go for it, all the way back. If you can do a flat twist, oh mama! You are already looking hot! And since you are having a bad hair day, a little gel wouldn’t hurt, as long as you wash it all off a few days afterwards.

2.      Wear a Scarf

Look, scarves were big last year, and the trend is not going away!! I love the many ways you can style a scarf. Currently, I’m loving it tied under your chin. But as you can see, in the image below, Chiga, our lovely customer, has it tied the traditional way but with a little hair showing – super cool.

There is however a trick with scarves - okay… I’m nervous to say this, but don’t do polyester!! The quality of the scarf matters. Look, polyester may be fine for indoors but if you are going out and trying to lift a bad hair day, polyester really is just announcing that you are having a bad hair day … even if it has a pretty design! and no, all silky scarves don’t look the same. Silk for example, looks different in the light compared to even satin and it is unrivalled at keeping hair smooth - Okay okay, there are some beautiful-looking satins too – so you get the drift; silk or satin!

Ah! When is ours coming back in stock? We are working on bringing them back permanently, stay tuned.

3.      Put it in a bun

This is my forever faithful. Whether it is a high or low bun, a bun is my go-to when all else has failed.  I am always surprised that many more of us don’t lean into this option. And I often think it is because we are so used to doing the most to our hair. Quite frankly, I think a bun is one of the most elegant hairstyles even on a good hair day, and while many with natural hair may think that our textured hair doesn’t offer enough sleekness, I say, go with some gel, not the dreadful edge controls, but something like an eco-styler. If your edges are damaged, you can camouflage it with one of those fibre-type sprays (use them infrequently!).

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