Started From The Bottom

Started From The Bottom

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post written by an ex course member – it took courage, guts and tenacity for her to keep focus. She literary fought for her hair, and in the process she changed her daughter’s future narrative. Her before and after say it all, but the words do more.

My hair journey, patience is a virtue.

In January 2019, I realized my daughters natural hair was breaking and thinning out.

I panicked because her hair is beautiful, I was also nurturing and looking after it. I realized then that I needed guidance.

My decision to seek guidance also coincided with my own journey to end my own bad hair habits and I must say it has been a liberating one .

Once I decided on the hair course with Oribytiti, I knew there was no turning back. 

The reality of the course

Haven’ t we all watched videos with beautiful hair growth within a time scale that blows our minds?.

The disappointment when I wasn’t getting instant results, oh dear! I was so deflated and demoralized. I reached out to Titi for a 1:1 session and till today I am grateful. She accommodated me despite my hectic schedule, I am a GP and I rarely have time, so it had to be at odd times. I recall work commitments almost made it impossible. I called her and explained, and she said just come it’s alright.

That meeting was one of the turning points for me. She was full of encouragement even though I went to see her with the plan of cutting my hair.

The second turning point was the face to face meet up of my hair course group. I had to show my hair gosh I was not expecting this at all. I was shy and my hair was the worst but what a boost of confidence this was for me. I took my wig off showed my damaged hair and every group member present just encouraged me.

The reality of my damaged hair

I had bald patches. It was not a sudden loss it was gradual hair loss complicated by life events childbirth, growing older etc. I detested a bad hair day  so protective hairstyles became my go to hairstyles but a great detrimental decision. I rarely rested my hair neither was I giving it the TLC it needed. I know right! what did I expect?

It has been over a year since the course and my hair has improved. I am intentional. I have embraced my hair. I have loved it and I now care for it. I want to see my hair grow and this has kept me motivated.

Interestingly, right at the start of the course Titi asked us to describe our hair and it dawned on me that I relaxed my hair early in my teenage years and I barely knew my hair. I struggled to describe it, in the end I said I don’t know what my hair is like or what it should be like.

Gosh my hair was damaged and very dry. If my hair was a person, it would be described as skinny, gaunt and lifeless.

As a medical doctor, I sought medical help too and had treatment because of the bald patch. I was diagnosed as having female pattern hair loss and prescribed treatment, but the side effects of the treatment were so bad I stopped it.

At this point I realized all I could do was just love my hair and hope for the best.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

I wore my natural hair recently and my daughter told me I looked beautiful just like her and she was happy I was not wearing a wig.

I’m motivated and encouraged with the progress and yes my hair is growing but it is a slow process.

The damage spans years and so the repair would take some time.

Truths I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Understanding my hair has helped me in caring for it

  2. Follow the guidance and find the products that work best for your hair.

  3. A hair course is not compulsory but very beneficial

  4. Patience, patience, patience

  5. Love your hair.

I hope this story encourages someone who is fed up with their hair journey, there is indeed light at the end of this tunnel.

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