SPOILER ALERT! I am a rubbish Spy! Lol

SPOILER ALERT! I am a rubbish Spy! Lol

If you've ever had your hair treated poorly at a hair salon this is the place to go to!

I've been to different salons in Lagos and there’s always one comma (for those who don’t understand that Lagos slang, it means there’s always something missing).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some great Salons out there, I just probably haven’t been to them. So when Titi told me I had to go undercover to check out a new Salon opened by someone who had taken the Hair course and had several consultations with her, I got a bit excited about having my hair done that weekend.

I booked an appointment for a Clay wash and Finger curls under a false name, well because… we might as well go all out with the spy thing, right? If I had my way, I’ll probably be dressed up as a female James Bond and have those amazing spy gadgets that wipes people’s memories … why that in particular you may ask? Well because I needed it, my career as a spy took a rough tumble downhill in less than an hour of my arrival! It was so brutal and unfair, I really need a do over.

I’ll tell you how it happened, so I was fiddling with my phone while I was having my damp hair combed out, and then I got an Instagram notification of a video posted by @bloomhairatelier (that’s the salon) with @orilifestyle_ mentioned in the post and against my better judgement, I went on Instagram signed into oribytiti’s Instagram account and then BAM! The next thing I heard from behind me was “oh you know titi?” the voice said excitedly and in my head I’m going “oh god, oh god, oh god” and I look up from my phone to the mirror right in front of me and I see it was Tolu, the owner of Bloom Hair Atelier! And she’s saying some more things, and I’m thinking, “oh crap, oh crap” but with a smile on my face trying to figure out how not to blow my cover, (you see the thing is, she knew a spy would come, she just didn’t know when) and then the next thing she said was “Are you Esther?” with that same smile on her face! She goes on, “Titi said she was sending someone to spy, are you Esther? Are you the one?” With that same smile! I don’t know maybe it was the smile, but my mind just went blank, the moment she mentioned my name, I just couldn’t lie, so I just nodded and said yes, I’m Esther, and we laughed and she was willing to keep my secret. So yeah, if I ever decide to be a spy, with the country’s top secrets, we’re in trouble.

So now that that’s out of the way, I’ll give my honest review of Bloom Hair Atelier.

First off, the Salon is super easy to locate, they couldn’t have picked a better location in Ikoyi, I loved that it was super easy to find, you really can’t miss it – 15 Glover Road, Ikoyi.

I loved the reception, from the moment I walked in, they were very welcoming, they were very professional. You could tell that a lot of time and effort had been put into training the staff not just in Natural hair care, but customer service as well.

The salon itself gives off this very comfortable and calm vibe. It’s sleek and elegant! The ambiance is warm and soothing, it’s like a Spa but for your hair, they have these really comfortable full recline backwash chairs that guarantees your comfort, you should probably ask for a steam wash on your first visit, the massage + steam + wash combo is magnificent! And it’s not just that, it’s all their furniture, from the waiting area, to where you get your pedicure and manicure done, in fact, if they had a spa, I’ll be there every weekend, I’m not kidding.

I’m not sure if this is just a me thing, but getting my hair done almost always feels like an inconvenience that should be worth it in the end, whether it’s for beauty purpose or just for the health of your hair, I feel like it’s something we’ve just grown to accept. But this is the thing, getting my hair done at Bloom Hair Atelier reduced that inconvenience to the barest minimum. They are super gentle with your hair and know what’s best for your hair type and they don’t impose, they communicate these to you. They provide you with the knowledge you need to have to be able to make the right decisions for your hair. And if you trust them to handle it on their own, you could rest easy and allow yourself be pampered.

You know, now that I think of it, it almost seems like I’m advertising for the Salon! Lol.. I’m not, okay, maybe I am a little. I just wanted you to know, you can now get our Meta Clay and Khalila Oil at Bloom Hair Atelier. If you’re reading this blogpost, you certainly already know about the effectiveness of our products, I don’t need to tell you after my clay wash, my curls were more defined and texture of my hair was soft and lush, my hair came alive, you could see the shine, plus I have really great hair too so I easily fell in love with my hair again after the wash, and it pained me to have the hair made, I would have loved to enjoy that look for a day or two but they had the finger curls done so well, I was okay with it.

So visit Bloom Hair, get our products and tell us what you think of their service or the Salon, or better yet, get a Clay wash or Hot oil treatment with them, you’ll love it 😉.

Written by: Esther Vese

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