It’s been an amazing summer holiday filled with bursting colors and sunlight and loads of fun time with family. I hope?

Schools will be reopening soon, and I for one know how much of a task having to get our little ones ready in the morning can be. So, the idea is not to suggest that you tend to your child’s hair every morning, but instead I want to help you find weekly or bi-weekly hair styles that save on prep time, and keep your child’s hair healthy and beautiful with zero tension to the scalp.

I have put together this list of easy-to-do hairstyles that will not only save you a lot of prep time, but also keep manipulation low.

Low manipulation hairstyles are styles that do not require a high amount of pulling, handling, and combing to be achieved. They are also easier to style, heat-free, and tension-free on your scalp. They also serve as a great alternative to long term “protective” hairstyles. Cornrows, single plaits, two strand twists, flat twists, even some buns as long as the ends of the buns are twisted are all great examples of low manipulation styles you can try.

I have compiled a list of a number of low manipulation hairstyles along with pictures you can use as a guide.

easy-to-do back-to-school hairstyles!

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