Is The Sauna good or bad for your hair?

Is The Sauna good or bad for your hair?

So, I ran a poll on my Instagram page asking if Sauna is damaging to the hair and here are the results: 68% of you said it was good for the hair. 8% said it was not good. And 23% said you didn’t know. Well done to the 8%! you are technically correct.

Saunas can be damaging to your hair if you fail to protect your hair before using it. A dry sauna is like being in a room-sized super-turbo hair dryer. Remember, a sauna is designed to draw moisture out of whatever it is exposed to, this is why you sweat in the sauna. So naturally, it will do the same to your hair. If your hair is unprotected, it will draw moisture out of it. And if you are using the sauna frequently, it will do this every time - leaving you with brittle and damaged hair.

There is also a possibility that sauna can lead to increased split ends but honestly, this really depends on the individual hair structure and the frequency of sauna sessions. However, the high temperatures in the sauna can temporarily make hair more brittle and dry, which can increase the risk of split ends. 

For some people, the heat in the sauna could irritate the scalp and lead to increased sebum production, which can contribute to dandruff or exacerbate scalp issues. If you experience this, please reduce your frequency or switch to a gentler form of heat treatment, such as steam room.

The good news is that you can prevent all the negatives above by taking some simple precautions. 

Most of you have hair towels or turbans. This is the time to put them to use, it is really the best way to protect the heat from getting to your hair. Go one step further and mist the towel with a little water. Covering your hair with this will keep it moist and avoid it getting dehydrated. If you don’t have a hair towel, you can get one of ours! - It’s made from organic bamboo!

If you don’t want to buy one, you definitely have a shower or bathing cap right? Exactly! Wear that! You wouldn’t look as chic! but it will get the job done.

2. Products

Coincide your sauna entry with wash day and do your deep conditioning in the Sauna! It’s a two in one deep conditioning treatment with heat! What’s not to love! Mmwahhh!! Yes, we love you too.

 3. Time yourself!

Stick to that 15 minutes time slot in the sauna, even if you have gone for our first method of covering your hair, I’d say come out after fifteen minutes, unwrap the headwrap, mist your towel down again then go back in.

Remember that although sauna can be damaging to hair strands, saunas can also have a positive effect on blood circulation and scalp regeneration, which in turn supports hair growth. beyond this Saunas can reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, and ease arthritis pain. some people with asthma even note some relief from sessions in the Sauna.

If you enjoy your Sauna’s please don’t stop! there are so many benefits! That said, everyone reacts differently to environmental factors. Ask my friends who I spa with! I can’t tolerate the sauna much, especially really hot ones! The only one I enjoy much is at my gym - it is so mild, I genuinely feel pampered, not tortured inside it! it’s my special retreat after a lovely session!

Do you have more tips or questions?

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