Yes! You read that right… with or without Silicones. Next week, we will discuss Silicones but this week let’s focus on the benefits of leave-in conditioners as people tend to misunderstand its main role in their healthy hair journey.

What is a leave-in conditioner?

A leave-in conditioner, as the name implies is a conditioner that you leave in your hair after washing and conditioning it. It is usually presented in a creamy form, with variations in texture. Please note that a leave-in conditioner is not to be rinsed out from your hair. Also, it cannot replace your regular conditioner post-washing – they both have their own benefits.

There are numerous advantages to using a leave-in conditioner in the correct manner, our online hair course provides a deep dive into how to use all your products effectively and more. However, a leave-in conditioner provides the following benefits

- A leave-in conditioner keeps your hair well-conditioned.

Using a leave-in conditioner provides extra hydration or moisture. But its main role is to add extra conditioning agents to your hair. The magic is not in the moisture. The magic is in the conditioner, as the name implies, otherwise, it would be called leave-in moisture. A good leave-in conditioner will use blends of conditioning agents, humectants, oils and such to ensure that the hair fiber is softened and the cuticle layers are laying flat so that your hair feels and looks happy.

- A leave-in conditioner aids in detangling and separation of hair strands.

Using a leave-in conditioner makes detangling your hair strands a breeze. For leave-in conditioners with silicones, this becomes even more useful as silicones are super detanglers, thereby reducing damage and hair breakage.

- Leave-in conditioners act as a barrier against environmental damage and add shine.

Ingredients in leave-in conditioners can help guard against environmental damage. And can contribute to sheen or shine which eludes many with natural hair.

- It can add strength to your hair strands.

- Many leave-in conditioners contain some form of hydrolysed protein which can either act as a film or even penetrate the cortex to add strength.

- It can double up as a styler and enhance curls.

- Many good leave-in conditioners can improve curl definition, reduce frizz, and double up as a styler.

I hope you found this blog post helpful! Next week, we will talk about the pros and cons of silicones in leave-in conditioners.

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