How does alcohol affect your hair?

How does alcohol affect your hair?

It’s full-blown summertime! And that means more outings, more gatherings, more parties, more booze!

I mean, who doesn’t like to have a good time? - From celebratory toasts to cosy bar conversations, there's an undeniable allure to enjoying a good drink.

And if you’re familiar with Ori lifestyle, you know we love a good party!

But as much as we love to get lit, we also constantly bear in mind that moderation is key!

Have you ever stopped to consider the impact alcohol can have on your hair? Don’t get me wrong, drinking moderately is very unlikely to have a significant effect on your hair.

But when consumed excessively, it becomes a problem! Alcohol can have several negative effects, not only on your health but also on the appearance of your hair.

Some of these include:

1. Nutrient deficiencies:

Too much alcohol can hinder your body from properly absorbing and utilising some essential nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins), which play a vital role in maintaining the strength, growth, and overall health of your hair.

Alcohol hinders proper absorption by inhibiting the production and release of the digestive enzymes responsible for breaking down these nutrients, and without sufficient enzymes, nutrient absorption is compromised.

2. Hormonal imbalances:

Excessive alcohol consumption can disrupt the delicate balance of your hormones.

Hormonal imbalances, such as increased levels of estrogen and decreased levels of testosterone, can contribute to hair loss, thinning, and even changes in your hair texture.

3. Dehydration:

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urine production and this can leave you dehydrated.

When you get dehydrated, your hair dries out, and this makes it become brittle, dull, and more prone to breakage.

Dehydration also contributes to a dry scalp, which can exacerbate already existing scalp conditions, or cause dandruff and itchiness.

4. Reduced Blood Circulation:

Alcohol consumption can reduce blood circulation to the blood vessels that supply nutrients to your hair follicles.

If your scalp isn’t getting enough blood flow, this begins to weaken your hair follicles, and this tends to inhibit hair growth and contribute to hair thinning over time.

5. Slow Hair Regrowth:

Alcohol also interferes with the natural hair growth cycle by delaying the growth phase (anagen phase) and prolonging the resting phase (telogen phase).

This leads to slower hair regrowth, and this makes it much more difficult for your hair to recover from damage or hair loss.

So, there you have it!

While we all enjoy a good drink now and then, it's essential to understand how alcohol can impact your hair’s health.

From alcohol-based hair products drying out your strands to excessive drinking causing nutritional deficiencies, it's clear that alcohol and hair don't always mix well!

So, ensure to find that sweet spot of moderation when it comes to drinking, and please make informed choices when it comes to your hair products.

Did we miss any impacts? Let us know in the comments!

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