Dear Mums

Dear Mums

Dear Mums,

As long as your daughter is in good health, her hair will respond quite quickly to great hair care and practices.

I really wanted you to hear from a mum who took my course. My course is not all roses. I know some people on the course initially feel overwhelmed. I know some get lost in month 3 because they hadn’t been practicing the lessons from month 1. I know some topics like PH balance can be tricky and I know that some hate hearing my “ it depends” answers and in some other cases my “ absolutes”. And I know it takes some people a little time to adjust to how I answer questions - I have a direct manner, I’m working on softening it a bit.

So when Jumoke sent me pictures two days ago I screamed! Literary! I immediately asked her to answer a few questions and she obliged. Read what Jumoke said below

Jumoke’s story

Starting the hair journey for my daughter has been an absolute wonderful experience. I joined Titi’s hair course in May 2019 with zero knowledge in haircare. The driving force however was my daughter who from the age of 4 constantly asked when she can start wearing wigs. Initially, I thought it was one of those inquisitive questions that will disappear but I soon realised that this was not a question that could be brushed aside as she began to associate beautiful hair with long-flowing wigs and hairstyle. The phrase “ *they see us more than they hear us* ” became real to me and I decided to start my own healthy hair journey too.

Fast forward almost a year into this healthy hair journey with Titi, my daughter genuinely loves her hair, she’s always excited about hair growth experienced and wash days has changed from “ *tearful moments with Mum” to* “ *bonding moments with Mum* ”


I’ll say the hair routine/regime started to click for me in month 3 of the course. The way the course is structured meant that I was on it from day one, but it started to come together gradually in month 3. I realised that the course wasn’t going to provide a quick fix solution to haircare. What it offers is invaluable knowledge, ongoing support (through the WhatsApp group) and also a mindset change that required adding haircare to the mix of weekly priorities and giving it the time and attention it deserved. I had to be very intentional about wash days and literally put it in the calendar. Obviously missing the odd wash days is ok but when you’re going from not washing hair for 6-8wks to washing every 2wks, it requires a certain level of discipline and dedication.

what did you find most challenging

The hardest hair process for me is probably detangling. The best way I could describe my daughter’s hair previously is like a cobweb. I just never understood why it tangled up on itself so quick and I could never ever comb it through. Wash day was frustrating for me, she dreaded it and it always ended up in tears. However, the minute the detangling process clicked for me, everything else was a breeze. One of the things I’ve learnt on the course is never to rush the detangling process. If the detangling is done properly from the onset, the rest of the regime follows on nicely.

Another thing that was so so so hard for me was letting go of my hair lady☹️. I’ve used her consistently for the best part of 20years and she’s become family. The convenience of having her come to the house and sort out our hair was such a hard thing to let go of. Even though she was very open to change, and I trained her to braid my daughter’s hair without extensions and blow-drying, I knew that I still had to be my daughter’s *number 1 hairdresser** in the long run.


Errrmmm maybe when I realised the first group was actually a face to face group and I thought I would have benefited better from the face to face group😊.

There’s absolutely nothing I don’t like about the course. Such an invaluable course and the support from other ladies on the WhatsApp group and Titi is priceless.

More so when you start to see everyone’s hair thriving after months of consistently applying knowledge gained is amazing. You learn way more than hair and you learn that

“ *it’s not just hair”.*knowledge gained is amazing.

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