5 Things I Will Not Be Doing To My Hair In 2020

5 Things I Will Not Be Doing To My Hair In 2020

1. I will not dye my hair:

I will be tempted to dye my hair in 2020 but I wouldn’t. For as long as length retention is a goal of mine, I will not be dying my hair.

Although hair dyes offer us the opportunity to change and enhance the way we look, we must remember that the chemistry involved is incredibly complex. Permanent hair colors often contain ammonia and peroxide. These chemicals break through the hair shaft and bleach out the natural pigment in our hair. Don’t let anyone lie to you, this process is essentially damaging the hair. This is why you often hear of healthy hair becoming dryer or more brittle after it has been dyed. While a solid hair care regiment may help, often, those who dye their hair struggle.

A lazy natural like me has no business dying her hair, quite frankly you will need to invest a lot more in a solid regiment and top-notch products to survive the stripping you’ve done.

2. I will not be doing Wash and Go’s:

It is my very strong opinion that 4c type hair is not conducive for the product overload, manipulation, excess gel, and then the increased tangles that ensue with Wash and Go’s. And often wash and go’s ain’t shit anyway.

3. I will not be leaving a little deep conditioner in my hair:

I don’t know how it started, but It’s bizarre. So the manufacturers have formulated a rinse out of the product, but you have decided to leave a little in your hair because your hair feels soft! Of course, it feels soft. Soft to break in a few years. A rinse out is a rinse out! A leave-in is a leave-in! most deep conditioners say ‘rinse thoroughly’, that’s what you should be doing. Some of you are also leaving conditioners that contain hydrolyzed protein or amino acids and have been shown to cause irritation and itchiness in some people (contact urticaria is the medical term). Not all practices are conducive for long term hair health. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Often they have been given the license to sell the product based on the fact that it is a rinse out!!

4. I will not be getting a Silk Press:

Quite frankly I just don’t like them for the same reason I didn’t like relaxed hair on me. I love big hair!! The idea of turning my big textured curls to limp and straight hair fills me with horror. I also know that with every silk press there is a risk of heat damage. No matter how good or how careful, heat damage is a risk. And every responsible hairstylist should tell you this. Remember a silk press involves double heat; blow-dry and then flat iron. Everyone’s hair tolerance to heat is different, even where you have two healthy heads of hair, they may react differently. Of course, things like washing the hair thoroughly, deep conditioning and even a protein treatment will guard against such risk, but it’s a fallacy to think the risk can be eliminated completely. This is not to put you off enjoying a silk press, no!! my daughter loves it and she will do it again in 2020 with my full blessing. But don’t be naïve, make an informed decision.

5. I will not be using too many products:

It is a lie and a con that black hair needs a plethora of products. It does not. Applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair every day or even four times a week is crazy!!! Using butter and an oil to seal your hair is too much except in certain circumstances. Look, the truth is often you are working with products that are not delivering, but you don’t want to change your products. I know you want to argue, let’s just agree to disagree. But it is my strong opinion that if your products are solid, you will only need to seal your natural hair with an oil or butter. Some of you aren’t even prepared to consider whether your oil is effective at sealing!

I know there are so many products for us naturals now, it is not a bad thing but reaches for what you need. These are my staple; shampoo, Meta Clay, aloe -Vera gel, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and my two oils . I have other things I draw on when needed but what I listed is my staple.

Wishing you all happy hair in 2020 If you are looking for guidance and how to smash all your natural hair goals in 2020 then read up on my hair course here, it may be for you or your child!!

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