Do you ever have one of those days when your hair just decides to have a mind of its own? I know right!

I recently had one of those days myself… I was about to attend an event and had made plans to go with my natural hair properly styled but my hair just wouldn’t co-operate!


My saving grace was that I had a friend at mine, she happens to be a naturalista too and she suggested we quickly look online for hairstyles that could be done in 5 minutes! And we found plenty. Specifically, hairstyles that didn’t require too much manipulation.


That incident has inspired me to share with you some easy to do and low manipulation hairstyles (I run so you can fly, Lol)


These styles don’t require excessive products and styling equipment either.  All you need is your wide tooth comb, your khalila oil or olive oil and your spritz and you’re good to go!


A very important tip to note while trying out these hairstyles is to always keep the ends of your hair tucked in to avoid breakage. More importantly, don’t forget to spritz with your hydrating mist to effectively lock in moisture.


Did you find these helpful? Please let us know in the comments!

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