3 uncommon advice to help you recover your edges

3 uncommon advice to help you recover your edges

  1. top wearing scarves:

    If your edges are already compromised then wearing scarves 7 or 8 hours every night to bed could exacerbate the delicate skin and the finer hair growing in that area. Swap a scarf for a satin or silk pillowcase. If you have no issues with your edges please enjoy your scarf

    If you have issues but choose to wear scarves like me on occasions eg to lay down a hairstyle then that’s absolutely fine! My point is this, anything that presses on the delicate skin/hair around your perimeters for hours, every day, can pose or exacerbate a problem.

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2. Stop constantly massaging your edges :

I’m not against trying to stimulate one’s follicles, but I worry most of you doing it don’t know how to. Head massage is a skill too, particularly where coils and kinks are concerned. The very nature of our hair means massaging it wrongly could induce more knots and tangles.

If you haven’t taken the time to learn to use the pad of your fingers ever so lightly, in a circular motion, to impart the gentlest pressure then just STOP.

Continuously applying too much pressure to that delicate area, every day may be doing more damage!

Some of you are literally rubbing your edges away.

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3. Stop/reduce the edge control:

Most edge controls are full of alcohol or fragrance - not all alcohol is bad, but the ones in most edge controls are! And even the softer gels shouldn’t be used daily or slept in because it is likely to clog your pores and dry out the hair in that area.

You already know all the other advice around edges: no tight buns, no tight braids, have breaks in between braids or weaves, no tight wigs, no glue ever - none - none are safe - not just one time - never!!

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