3 must-dos if you want to retain more length in 2023

3 must-dos if you want to retain more length in 2023

1. Simplify your styling.

I know many think they can have their cake and eat it too, but you can’t. You are going to have to significantly reduce the amount of styling you do to your hair if length retention is a goal. This means less braids, less heat styling, for some, less combing and less Ghana weaves! Wait!!!! No Faux Locs! That style is a No No No!!!

And yes, regardless of what you have heard, braids and intricate cornrows are rarely protective styles. These styles should be enjoyed sparingly! And no knee-length braids! That’s always going to be crazy!  

The high manipulation involved in getting these styles into place means they are more likely to cause breakage on installation, during takedown or leave your hair strands compromised so as to hinder length retention. 

I’ve had to advise some clients not to braid their hair for the next two years, their strands can’t take it anymore. While some may have robust hair to withstand these styles for up to 4 times a year, many can only get away with braids twice a year. And as you get older it should be less and less! 

Assess your hair. If it’s not in optimal health, you shouldn’t even be thinking about braids. You should be thinking of frequent washes, great conditioning and low-manipulation styles that don’t involve added hair. Many seem to forget that added hair can exacerbate friction, dry out the hair and too many people also experience allergic reactions to the added hair.

2. Practice scalp care.

I predict that scalp care will become a thing more brands focus on in 2023, why? Let me be blunt! Years of pushing the no-sulphate agenda have led to scalp issues for many!  Not cleansing thoroughly enough leads to build-up, exacerbates pre-existing conditions and compromises the scalp which needs to be clean and clear for optimal hair growth! Products to target effective cleansing will become more prevalent. And I’m here for them! 

3. Use the right products at the right time.

Products don’t grow hair but they play an important role in helping you retain length and manageability and the health of your hair! Many have great products but don’t know how to use them. Some have too many products and others are always interchanging. If length retention is a goal in 2023, get acquainted with the basics, learn how to use them and importantly learn how to eliminate what is not working. I promise you, you don’t need tons of products to grow healthy hair.

If you are confused about any of this sign up for the hair course, let me help you.

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