2 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Thriving

2 Reasons Your Hair Is Not Thriving

1. You drink too much Alcohol -

Yes, I understand that lock-down was tough and genuinely some people have had such a shitty time of it. But we now need to reduce alcohol consumption. We know for certain that drinking alcohol is known to cause dehydration in our bodies. Dehydration can contribute to brittle hair and poor hair health. Constant consumption of alcohol can also induce a lower level of vitamins B and C in your body.

This nutrient depletion can negatively impact your hair and you don’t need to be extremely low in nutrients for it to show on your hair. I had an interesting conversation with one of my course members not too long ago. She was trying to figure out why her hair had been feeling so dry lately.

We went through her routine, it was spot on, we went through her products they were great! We discussed her diet, nothing had changed, and then I casually said “ what about your alcohol intake?” and she gasped! “ oh my gosh, I’ve been drinking more in lock-down she said”.

And please note, I drink too! And yes it went up in lock-down and yes I’m committing to cutting it right back! Also, please remember that a little too much alcohol can also affect your hormones too, Thyroid for example. And a disordered Thyroid can impact negatively on your hair.

2. You abuse laxative -

Some people, in a desperate bid to shed fat turn to laxatives. Please stop, for your overall health and your hair. Laxatives are not meant to be consumed regularly. I myself I’ve only used them once, when I was on iron tablets. You all know iron tablets constipates most people badly ( we are all adults) But people talk casually about using laxatives without realising it has side effects.

Here's what could happen when laxatives are used inappropriately:

  • laxatives will remove the nutrients your body needs to survive.

  • Abusing laxatives can lead to hair loss, an ashen appearance, and sallow skin.

  • excessive laxative use can create a situation where one is no longer able to make a natural bowel movement. Your body becomes reliant on the drug.

The crazy thing is while laxatives may cause short-term weight loss. It is not fat loss. It is weight, water weight. This ‘water weight’ returns when a person drinks a lot of fluids. Prolonged abuse of laxatives can cause serious dehydration that can rid your body of water, essential electrolytes, and minerals. This can lead to constipation, cramps, dizziness, diarrhea, and even rectal bleeding.

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